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Our Programs

Healing Drum Circles


The Healing Drum Circle I am presenting in literally that. A single beat representing the heartbeat.

Drumming circles are cross-culture and multi-ethnic modality dating back 30,000 plus years. Science has linked how a particular frequency of the drum beat increased the alpha brainwaves, which are associated to feeling of well-being and euphoria.

"There is a part of the brain responsible for addiction. The name for this part of the brain is the limbic system. This system, also known as the "brain reward system", is responsible for producing the feeling of pleasure" - Addiction Center

Over the past year I have been a host for an Indigenous Clan from central Mexico, with the vision of bring 8000 drums together to heal mother earth (heal humanity). In that journey we were part of healing drum circles in La Push Washington (and others). The Queleute Tribe started holding Healing Drum Circles (bring them back) when there was an increase in substance abuse and members of the family abandoning family and tribal values. The Healing Drum Circles returned the pride and forgiveness of past actions. In turn returning and elevating the Quileute Tribe original values. I’ve also read and seen these changes in the Canadian First Nation Tribes. Where substance abuse was destroying their clans and yet the Healing Drum Circle (and sometimes teamed up with AA) eliminated addiction from the Tribes.

For the past 15 years I’ve been hosting healing circle (sound, drumming, ceremony, dance ....) and understand change takes time and yet if we can scratch the surface and bring unity of humanity under understanding and compassion. That will be a win.

Healing Drum Circle one night a week 

from 7:30pm-9:00pm

Wednesdays at:


3814 4th St N.E.

Seattle WA 98105

Thursdays at:

Interbay Village (Tiny Cabin Safe Harbor): 

1601 15th Ave. W., Seattle 

100 Mile Walk 2019



“I will walk 100 miles and I would walk 100 more just to be the one to bow down at your soul”

This is the first of many to come. To raise funds for the tiny cabins a shelter for our King County residences and most importantly to raise the vibration frequency of unity in awareness.

Pledges and donations will go to purchase material for the healing drum circles that I started in Oct of 2018 

The 100-mile walk will start in Magnolia Seattle covering 25-33 miles each day, with two or three stops along the way closing in Ferndale WA on the final day.

Each day will start with meditation to the Sri Yantra to set our vibration. We will walk to the beat of the drum and the seed mantra of creation (with rain we well use a Buddhist bell), each day will close with resetting the body from the journey that has past and the journey ahead. Meals and water will be supported along the way with our support crew. We will sleep where the doors open for us or in a camper that the crew is donating.

For more information contact me directly at 


This will also be an anniversary with my Big Sister for 36/37 years. A friendship that continues to last through change. 

May this pilgrimage bring awareness to many.




Spring Equinox

Autumn Equinox;

When the vial of night and day are equal. A time for healing and connecting to ancestors past and future. Cleansing our DNA to elevate consciousness of self  and our planet that we have come here to heal tissue issues of the heart.

These event have a rich and long history in tribal communities around the world as a sacred time of cleansing when western medicine had failed.

We open each ceremony  smugging of each participant with sacred sage or herbs of that land. Following by honoring our ancestors in all seven directions. We give a bit of guidance so that each participant may have a centered, safe and elevated experience. Closing with Gratitude Song and deep relaxation. We will gift a recommended home care for the next 21 days following the ceremony.

Suggested donations start at $10

All are welcomed and child friendly. Creating a healing family

Next event Location:

Spring Equinox 2019

Sacred Rain Healing Center 

1100 NW 50th Street

Seattle, WA 98107

Wednesday March 20th 


Bring Blanket and water bottle, dress comfortable.


private healing session:

All are tailored to the clients need at that time. Be it a transition, lose or fear. Through sacred chanting, drum, flute, and healing touch of multiple modalities. The client can transcend and clear space to understanding true self.

1H $100-$120

1.5H $150-$170

2H $200-$230

2.5H $250-$280

3H $300-$340

call 206-465-4430 to schedule your session


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Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

All donation support residence in the Tiny Cabins with participation in Healing Drum Circles