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About Us

Our Team


Our amazing team is inspired to discover ways to raise awareness of one’s true self via vibration. Until we as individuals return to awareness that we are the musical instrument of life. Material instruments (for example the drum, flute, rattle.) are great ways to discover our original vibration. And mantras, chanting, indigenous frequencies are ways we can rediscover our true original voice. Would this be a fit for you? Contact us at 206-465-4430

Our History


In the autumn of 2018 Ila, saw a video during the election time discussing the "homeless" crisis in the Seattle area. 

How it landed to her was that the Tiny Cabin Project was a ploy for politicians to generate funding for their elections, and to not support this cause.

Ila sat with this for a bit. During her global travels she had seen how different cultures and communities address these sorts of topics and she herself noticed her own mind at one point 'complaining' about the situation.

"what is under complaining?" 


"how do we address fear?"

many ways 

"Return to matters of the HEART"

When we heal the wounds and programming of matters of the heart and release stuck connective tissues issues. Our perspective shifts.

When our perspective shifts, we start to see the intricate weaving of life creations.

Hence on October 2018 Ila walked unto Tent City 5 (Tiny Cabin Safe Harbor) and asked them if the community would be interested in a weekly HEALING DRUM CIRCLE?

The community said YES....

Our Mission


Our focus is to elevate the consciousness of humanity one beat at a time. 

The vision is Healing Drum Circles will be available at each tent city in the King County area seven days a week from 7:30p-9:00p year-round.

Could you imagine? How magical would this be. In our metropolitan city of hussal and bussal there is a reminder to be present to this moment, this breath, this heartbeat of body, mind, soul and heaven, earth and all kingdoms.

Tell me more: call 206-465-4430

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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